IECnet S.K.S.S.S., has emerged as one of the leading firms of Chartered Accountants offering a wide range of services in Pakistan and abroad. “IECnet S.K.S.S.S”, generally known as IECnet Pakistan has the combined expertise and experience of its partners who have been in accounting practice for over decades. It offers all the accounting and related financial services including auditing, taxation, corporate advisory, management consultancy, human resource development and I.T (information technology) control services to a large number of clientele covering across the entire documented horizon both from public and private sectors. It also offers corporate restructuring & advisory services to assist in reshuffle, streamlining and reorganization of the management control with a view to operate businesses more effectively, dynamically and gainfully.

The ultimate success of any professional effort is essentially dependent upon the approach and the strategy employed by the organization in its services related work plan. While efforts are made to get major contributions from the personnel of the concerned client, “IECnet” with its vast experience provides guidance to the organizations in evolving effective outcome strategies. Generally a high level of service rendered by “IECnet” provides the basis of a long term relationship between “IECnet” and the client organization. Thus, our growth over a period has been made possible by providing high quality professional services.

The firm has a nation-wide network of offices in Pakistan at Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. In addition to offices in Pakistan, a strategic alliance through an associated firm of accountants has been established in Kabul (Afghanistan). All the offices at present are supervised by partners in Pakistan and qualified representation abroad ensuring over ten years of managerial and professional experience at minimum at supervisory level.

We believe that the strength of professional services depends upon the quality of professional staff. Keeping this in view, we gathered a team of experienced and qualified personnel. They augment their professional expertise and endeavor for endemic growth in their skills. They work hard under newly fashioned information technology environment to disseminate the innovative ideas to promote the felicitous and ingenious business culture. They trigger the complex problems without delay, as they are fully equipped with all tools of research and communications. They are working in such kind of paradigmatic and affluent surrounding, which ensure that the professional integrity and independence are not being compromised.

Our senior staff have worked in top slot positions in their past. Accordingly, they are fully conversant with the developments of accounting profession that includes auditing, taxation, management consulting and information technology control, as a result of which their services towards clients are palpable. The firm is a member firm in Pakistan of IECnet, a worldwide network of accounting firms.